West Coast Oysters

The West Coast Oyster

The West Coast Oysters’ firm texture and a rich creamy flavor with a buttery-sweet finish and its mild character make this a popular oyster. West coast or Pacific oysters are small and sweet and the world’s most cultivated oyster. Pacifics have a distinctly more fluted, sharply pointed shell than Atlantics or European flats.
Today Pacifics are usually named after where they are grown, such as Totten Inlet and Fanny Bay, Hama Hama, Skookum Inlet to name a few. Yet there are just five species of oysters harvested in the U.S., all other differences come from where they live
Pacific oysters used to be used to describe all small Pacific oysters like Kumamotos and Miyagis. Kumamotos, however, were found to be their own species. This Japanese import is one the most widely cultivated oyster on the West Coast of the United States.

Aurora Pacific Oysters

These are a medium size oyster with a beautiful pink and gray shell, and gold flecks. A creamy oyster, light , slightly salty, with a hint of watermelon flavor, and a slight aftertaste of minerals. Aurora Pacific oysters come from Redonda Bay, British Columbia.

Baja Oysters

These are very strong sea tasting oysters, with wide full deep cups and a highmeaty yeild. Baja oysters come from False Bay, San Quinton, CA.

Buckley Bay Oysters

A beach grown oyster on the beaches of Denman Island, this is a very hearty oyster with a vegetable finish. These oysters are a product of Parksville, British Columbia.

Chef Creek Oysters

This oyster goes through several growing techniques producing an oyster with a slightly softer shell, nicely cupped that is mildly briny with a sweet taste. These oysters arefround in Chef Creek and Deep Bay, British Columbia.

Cortez Island Oysters

These oysters have an exqisite taste and succulence, with a briny fill sweet flavor. The shell is moderately hard, nicely cupped and smooth. Cortez Island oysters are cultured oysters from Northern British Columbia, Canada. Prepare these oysters as you would any other oyster, on a half shell, baked or fried.

Crassostrea Gigas Oysters

These oysters have an oblong shaped shell with adeep-ridged cup. They are more strongly flavored than Atlantic or Gulf oysters. Pacific oyster, indigenous to Japan, widely grown in California and the Pacific Northwest.

Crystal Bay Oysters

A beach grown oyster with unique flavor, and a ice oval shaped shell. These oysters have a mild salinity and a fruity finish. Crystal Bay's come from Hood Canal, Washington.

Dabob Bay Oysters

Babob Bay oysters are beach grown in fine pea gravel that smooths out its shell. They have a lower salinity and sweeter flavor than other Pacific oysters, and a fruity finish to the taste. These oysters come from Dabob Bay in the Puget Sound, Washington.

Deer Creek Oysters

This 2.5 inch extra small oyster is just the right size to taste, and yet has a full fresh briny and crisp flavor to leave one desiring more. Deer Creek oysters are from Puget Sound, Washington.

Denman Island Oysters

Denman Island oysters produce a hard thick shell. The shell is rounded and nicely cupped with firm full meat, which is mildly salty and crunchy. These oysters are cultured from Denman Island, British Columbia, Canada. Oysters on a half shell are a favorite.

Discovery Bay Flat Oysters

These European Flat oysters are the same species as the famous Belon oysters grown on the coast of France. They have a round flat shell with a clean flavor. These oysters are grown in Discovery Bay, Snow Creek, Washington State.

Drakes Bay Oysters

These oysters are grown in special baskets hung just above the ocean floor where they feed on planktonand other nutrients, The result is a sweeter healthier and fast growing oyster. These oysters are from Drakes Bay, California.

Dungeness Bay Oysters

The Dungeness Bay receives its wter from the Pacific Ocean, which provides a salty, meaty oyster that has a fruity finish. Dungeness Bay oysters come from Sequim, Washington.

Eagle Creek Oysters

Eagle Creeks are a beach-grown oysters that have a hard shell. They are salty, very meaty and have a pronounced fruity finish. These oysters come from Eagle Creek, Washington.

Elkhorn Oysters

They have a clean, green tinged shell, rounded cups and a beach worn fluted appearance. Each oyster is packed with firm, briny crunchy meat, that finished with a clean melon like flavor. Elkhorn's come from Willapa Bay, Washington. Elkhorn oysters are best from October until June, and are great on the half shell.

Emerald Cove Oysters

This oyster is grown in an abundant nutrient area that allows for faster growing. This produces a young mild flovored oyster. Emerald Cove oysters come from Cortes Island, British Columbia.

Emerald Seas Oysters

Emerald Seas are a firm oyster with a fresh and sweet flavor. Emerald Seas come from Hood Head in Hood Canal, Washington.

Evening Cove Oysters

Evening Cove's fluted shell makes for a beautiful presentation and the oyster inside tastes great: having a clean, smooth flavor and leaving afresh, briny finish. These are beach cultured oysters from Evening Cove, Vancover Island, British Columbia.

European Flat-Belon Oyster

This oyster is characterized by an intense flavor that is sweet and salty, delicate in texture, while having a metallic or spicy finish. These oysters come from various places. Humbolt and Tomales Bays, California and Westscott Bay, Washington.

Fanny Bay Oysters

A firm oyster that is very salty and very sweet with a pronounced cucumber finish. They have fluted ivory colored shell that make then easy to open. Fanny Bay oysters come from Naniamo, British Columbia.

Gold Creek Oysters

The oyster has a hard shell with a full fleshed meat, that is firm. The nice full cupped shell is 3-4inches in length and the briny, crisp oyster meat makes this oyster a Puget Sound favorite. Gold Creek oysters come from Southern Puget Sound, Washington.

Golden Malaspina Miyagi Oyster

The exceptionally attractive shell holds a delicate meat with a melon like finish. These oysters coe from Malaspina Inlet, Desolation Sound, British Columbia.

Golden Mantle Oysters

A small oyster with a golden color and a beautiful white ridged shell. The delicate flavor is like watermelon with a very clean aftertaste. Golden Mantle's come from Vancouver, British Columbia.

Golden Miyagi Oysters

They have a pretty fluted olden flecked shell with a frigile deep cup. A mild watermelon flovor with a very clean aftertaste. Golden Miyagi come from Fanny Bay, British Columbia.

Goose Point Oysters

Goose Point's have a mild flavor, and a very deep cupped shell with reddish color around the edges. These oysters come from Goose Point in Willapa Bay, Washington.

Hama Hama Oysters

These oysters have a delicate flavor with a mild fruity aftertaste, and is only slightly salty. Hama Hama oysters come from Hood Canal in the Hama Hama River, Washington.

Hammersley Inlet Oysters

These oysters are farmed in the rack & Bag style keeping them off of the ocean floor. The oyster that is produced is plump, rich in flavor and slightly briny sweet. The shell is very fluted and is quite beautiful on its own. These oysters are from Hammersley Inlet, Puget Sound, Washington.

Hog Island Sweetwater Oysters

The oyster is small to medium in size with a deep cupped shell. They are plump and creamy with a sweet, smoky flavor. These oysters are from Tomales Bay, California.

Hood Canal Oysters

The oysters are harvested on gravelly beaches, which presents a clean oyster. They are grades for size, and the best are for the shell market, the rest are shucked. These oysters are from southers Hood Canal, British Columbia.

Hunter Point Oysters

This 4 inch beach grown oyster is cuktured in one of the inlets of the Puget Sound. It is frown over three years before harvesting. A perfect shucking and roasting oyster. Hunter point oysterscome from Puget Sound, Olympic Maoutain Range, Washington State.

Imperial Eagle Oysters

Beach grown o the western side of Vancover, these oysters have a hard thick colorful shell. The meat is plump, not too salty and the oyster has a cucumber like finish. These oysters come from the Imperial Eagle Channel of Barclay Sound, British Columbia.

Kumamoto Oysters

This is a small oyster with a deep cup. The meat has a slightly green tint and dark mantle. It has a smooth buttery texture with a sweet, slightly fruity flavor that is not very salty. These oysters are raised from British Columbia to Mexico.

Kusshi Oysters

A smooth shell and s unique round shape amkes this oyster easy to open. Sweet oyster meat overflows from the shell upon opening. Kusshi oysters come from Cortes Island, British Columbia.

Lasqueti Oysters

Lasqueti oysters are medium to large with a delicate, frilly shell. They have a delicate, creamy, moderately salty taste. These oysters are from Lasqueti Island, British Columbia.

Mad River Oysters

A full flavored oyster with a strong fruity aftertaste, moderately salty with a delicate flavor. These oysters are from Mad River, Arcata Bay, California.

Malaspina Oysters

Beach cultured oysters with a heavy shell. These oysters are easily openedand have a long shelf life (10-14 days), due to the inter-tidal waters they were raised in. The meat is white with a dark textured mantle. Plump and juicy with strong, clean ocean flavor and a cucumber-like finish. Malaspina oysters come from British Columbia, Canada

Marin Coast Oysters

These are farm raised oysters that are deep cupped with extraordinary shells. They are plump oysters and you can taste melon, fruits with a fresh sea taste. Marin Coast oysters are from the Tomales Bay, California.

Mary Point Oysters

As a beach grown oyster the shell is hardened and therefore easy to open and have a longer shelf life. Existing in this very pristine area imparts a clean aromatically marine smell and flavor. Mary Point oysters are grown in Desolution Sound, British Columbia, Canada

Morro Bay Oysters

These oysters have a chocolate brown color and a sweet taste. They are available year round. A rare California grown Pacific oyster that are grown on plastic vertical pipes. This method keeps them off the bottom and free of grit and sand.

Mystery Bay Oysters

These oysters have firm, plump texture with a mellow brininess, sweet flavor, and a honeydew finish. Mystery Bay oysters come from Nordland, Washington at the mouth of the Puget Sound.

Nootka Sound Oysters

Nootka Sound oysters are beach grown with a thick hard shell. This producs a robust oyster with a fresh clean taste. The meat is plump and sweet, but not too salty. These oysters come from the west coast of Vancover Island.

Olympia Oysters

The smallest North American oyster originally grew wild from Alaska to California. The tiny shell is round and flat. It has a robust flavor with a mild coppery aftertaste. Olympia oysters are from Puget Sound, Washington and Humbolt Bay, California.

Oysterville Selects

Hand picked beach grown oysters harvested at low tide ensures sizing and cleaner oysters. These oysters are rich and complex in flavor due to the varying water temperatures. These oysters are from Willapa Bay, Long Beach Peninsula, Oysterville, Washington.

Pacific Orchard Oysters

These oysters are beach grown and triple grade in size and shape. This oyster is briny with a crunchy texture and an essence of melon finish. Pacific Orchards come from Cortes Island, Vancover, British Columbia.

Pearl Bays Oysters

Pearl Bays are farmed raised from deep waters off the coast of British columbia. They are tender, mild and lemony with a clean finish. These oysters are from Pearl Bay, British Columbia.

Pearl Point Oysters

Two mountain streams feed Netarts Bay, which produces a very pleasing oyster with good salinity and a canteloupe finish. An original Pacific oyster from Japan. Pearl Points are from Netarts Bay, Tillamook, Oregon.

Penn Cove Baker Oysters

These are beach grown oysters in suspended trays. They have a nice light shell with a clean crisp oyster meat. Penn Cove Baker oysters come from Netarts Bay, Oregon.

Pickering Pass Oysters

Pickering Pass Oysters have a medium brine with a bright cucumber finish. These oysters come from the base of the Olympic Mountains, South Puget Sound, Washington State.

Point Reyes Pacifica Oysters

Point Reyes Pacifica's are small to medium in size, with a salty ocean flavor, clean with a strong finish. These oysters are from Tomales Bay, California.

Porpoise Bay Oysters

Porpoise Bays are very salty and sweet with a string cucumber finish. These oysters are from Porpoise Bay, British Columbia.

Portugese Oysters

These oysters are small to large with a green ruffeled shell, deep cup and rounded top. They are plump and juicy with a clean, strong ocean flavor. This is not the true Portugese species, C. angulata. Portugese oysters are from Vancover, British Columbia.

Preston Point Oysters

These oysters are small to medium in sizw with a tiger-striped shell. They are creamy with a melony aftertaste. Preston Points come from Tomales Bay, California.

Quilcene Oyster

The oyster has a delicate texture, slightly salty and has a sweet cucumber finish. The Quilcene oyster is beach grown in an area with very small pea gravel in Quilcene Bay, WA. This should be prepare on a half shell.

Read Island Pysters

These are farm raised, beach grown oysters. These oysters are grown on gravelly pebbles and this condition produces a clean hearty oyster. Read Islands are from the Strsits of Georgia, British Columbia.

Rock Point Oysters

This is a small oyster with a fruity, mildly salty flavor. Rock Points come from Dabob Bay, Puget Sound, Washington.

Royal Miyagi Oysters

Royal Miyagi oysters have a mild flavor with a clean finish, somewhat reminiscent of watermelon. The shells are fluted and deep cupped. These oysters are raft grown in British Columbia, Canada.

San Mateo Bay Oysters

The waters of San Mateo Bay are filled with nutrients, which constitutes a healthy growth. A very difficult oyster to harvest, but quite rewarding. These oysters are from the Sam Mateo Bay in the Imperial Eagle Sound, British Columbia.

Samish Bay Oysters

They are a meaty plump oyster that is salty and strong in flavor. These oysters are from Samish Bay, Puget Sound, Washington.

Sister Point Oysters

These oysters are raised in plastic mesh bags that are staked to the beach. They have a nice deep cup with a firm, meaty body and a briny flavor. Sister Points are from Hood Canal, Washington.

Skokomish Oysters

These oysters are medium in size with a round shell and a sweet cucumber flavor. Skokomish oysters come from Hood River, Washington State.

Snow Creek Oysters

Snow Creek oysters are raised in cold, clean waters that account for their plump meat with a cucumber finish. These oysters come from Discovery Bay fed by the Snow Creek, Washington.

Steamboat Island Oysters

Steamboat Island oysters are grown using the "Rack and Bag" method. The meat yeild is one of the highest in the Pacific Northwest. They have a sea flavor and a vegetable finish that is the most common characteristic of this oyster. These oysters sre from Puget Sound, Washington.

Stoney Island Oysters

Stoney Island oysters are small to medium in size with deep cup, and white shell with green flecks. They are a semi creamy oyster, crisp with a hint of melon flavors reminiscent of cantelope. These oysters are from Stoney Island, British Columbia.

Stranger Bay Oysters

A characteris tic green, hard shell and usually silt free because of being beach grown, and the gravel keeps the oyster clean. They are very briny and meaty, with a clean juicy fruity finish. These oysters come from Strangers Bay, west of Cortes Island, British Columbia.

Thorndyke Bay Oysters

A large plump sweet oyster from the waters near Hood Canal. A deep cupped oyster that is shipped in a special package to allow the shells to harden and extend shelf life. These oysters are from Thorndyke Bay, Washington.

Tomales Bay Oysters

Tomales Bay oysters are firm, plump, medium in size with a deep cup, and a beautiful black ruffled shell. Their taste is medium to strong, briny with a crisp clean flavor. These oysters are from Tomales Bay, California.

Trotten Oysters

They are a deep cupped oyster with a brown and white shell. The smaller shells resemble walnuts. A meaty oyster with a briny full flavor and a refreshing cucumber finish. These oysters originate from Totton Bay, California.

Viking Bay Oysters

These oysters are farmed on the beaches of the remote Quadra Island. This oyster has a clean sea flavor and stays firm throughout the summertime. Viking Bay oysters come from Quadra Island, British Columbia.

Whaletown Select Oysters

Whaletown Select's come from the west side of Cortes Island, British Columbia.

Westcott Bay Belon Oysters

These oysters have a pinkish-white, medium sized shell with a deep cup. They are quite sweet and full flavored. These oysters come from Westcott and Tiger Bays, Washington.

Willapa Bay Oysters

These are plump medium sized oysters witha deep cup and multicolored shell. Their flavor is medium salty, clean and sweet. These oysters are made for the half shell market. These oysters are from Willapa Bay, Washington.

Winchester Bay Oysters

Winchester Bays have an attractive fluted shell that is multicolored with pink tones. They are sweet with light salt, and clean tasting. These oysters are from the Umpqua River near Winchester Bay, Oregon.

Yaquina Bay Oysters

These oysters are grown in a moderate climate and the clean algae rich waters produce oysters comparable to the finest antwhere in the world. These oysters are from Yaquina Bay, Oregon.