Wild Edibles Excellent Customer Service!

We understood from day one that customers buying the highest-quality product deserved the highest level of service. And we’re proud to say that we think we have the most attentive and knowledgeable sales staff in town. They will guide you through your order, make recommendations, advise you on substitutions and get it to you when you need it.

Free Fillet Service

We’ll prepare and deliver your fish however you need it—at no extra charge! Scaled, gutted, filleted, skin on/skin off, pin bone out, head on/head off … as close to recipe-ready as you want. It’s a service we’re proud of and one that sets us apart from the rest!

Convenient Wholesale Delivery Hours

We make regular deliveries days a week (Monday to Saturday), from dawn until 12:30 PM. We recognize, too, that customers sometimes need to add to existing orders, or need last-minute emergency orders. We do our best to accommodate those requests within the normal delivery hours.

Price Lists Faxed and E-mailed DAILY

We can provide you with a current list, updated daily, of available products and pricing. Including hard-to-find special order items that may require an additional day or two lead time.

Place Your Orders 24/7

Orders are processed everyday. We’ll call or e-mail you that day with any shortages, problems, or clarifications, and maybe tell you about a special or two …

Out-of-State Shipping

We can UPS Next Day Air to almost anywhere in the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii (where a lot of our products are flown in from!) or UPS Ground Overnight (MA,RI,NY Albany & Binghamton, Eastern PA, from Harrisburg East, NJ ,MD, DE), for end of day delivery. If you have budgetary concerns, we can arrange to ship to your local airport for your pickup.

Menu Consultation

Because we know what will be swimming when, please don’t hesitate to ask regarding seasonal items and their availability. We are happy to make recommendations and comparisons or ask any questions that will assist you with your menu planning.